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About the Company
We introduce ourselves as pioneers in the field of Fire Fighting Vehicles and Portable pumps with unmatched quality. Kooverji Devshi & Co. Pvt. Ltd. is one the earliest companies established in India with a dedicated mission to service the Fire & Safety needs of Fire Services, Industries, Refineries & Petrochemicals plants, Mines, Airports, Infrastructure & Defense.

Based on our continuous dedication in this particular field for the last 65 years, we have acquired sufficient expertise and experience to design, develop and fabricate any fire fighting/specialist vehicle or equipment irrespective of its sophistication. All our products are completely customized to our clients & International standards and norms.

We operate from our facility at Navi Mumbai that houses all the processes for the design and manufacture of customized fire fighting vehicles: pumps, monitors, superstructures, tanks and control systems with stringent Quality Control.

The company is engaged in the manufacturing as per BIS specifications of the following type of fire fighting vehicles shown below.

Water Tender Type ‘B’ for State and Municipal Fire Brigades
Industrial Foam Tenders
Combined Water / Foam / CO2 / DCP Tenders
1000 kg. and 2000 kg. Dry Powder Tenders
Airfield Crash Fire Tenders for Airport Fire Service use
Rapid Intervention Vehicle for Airport Fire Service use
Foam Nurser Trucks
Emergency / Rescue tenders
Over the years, we have built up matching infra-structure and appropriate jigs and fixtures which are considered essential for the fabrication works related to the above equipment.

We are conscious of strict Quality Control and Caution is exercised at every stage whether in fabrication or procurement of material keeping in mind relevant Indian specifications. Since the company’s name remains linked with the equipment till it remains in service, we ensure reliability, fault free operation and smooth functioning of equipment.

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